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Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Open with Care: advice on practicalities

Published: 15 Jul 2021

Supplementary information including answers to practical questions and concerns resulting from Open with Care: supporting meaningful contact and activities in and away from care homes.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Open with Care: advice on practicalities
Version history

 Version history



Updated with:

Minor edits to text

Updated title

3.1 Residents leaving the care home

3.2 Returning to the care home following an outing

3.3 Decisions on outings

3.4 Frequency of outings

3.5 Transport

3.6 Younger Adults

3.7 Restrictions in different public settings

3.8 Going out to eat

3.9 Testing family and friends before outings

5.1 The Covid-19 Care Home Addendum and National Infection Control Manual



Updated with:

1.1 When care homes can begin resume meaningful contact

1.2 Covid protection levels and visiting

2.8 Residents leaving the care homes

2.9 Voting section (removed post-election)

10.1 Resources for Families



Updated with:

2.1 Number of visitors per resident



Updated with:

1.3 Essential visits

2.1 Number of visitors per resident

2.5 Visiting professionals

2.9 Leaving the care home to vote

3.2 Outdoor visits

3.3 Length of visit

3.5 Use of screens and pods

4.5 Physical contact

5.1 PPE for visitors

9 Outbreaks

9.2 Outbreak investigations

9.3 Visiting during an outbreak




Updated with:

1.3 Resuming visiting following an outbreak

4.7 Additional information for covid-19 infection prevention and control

4.8 Visitors with difficulty understanding IPC advice

6.4 Visitor consent for LFD testing

7.4 Arranging vaccines for staff.



Edited and reformatted to remove FAQ phrasing for accessibility.

Additional topics added based on feedback from care home staff at Open with Care workshops. 

Information covered in Open with Care guidance removed to avoid duplication



First version of the document – formally named Open with Care - frequently asked questions, 24 February 2021