Young Carer Grant regulations: consultation

We are consulting on the development of the policy and regulations for the Young Carer Grant, a new benefit which will be delivered by Social Security Scotland.

3. About the Consultation

What are we consulting about?

8. This is a consultation on the Young Carer Grant, a new benefit that will be delivered on an entitlement basis. It will consist of a £300 one-off payment, which can be applied for annually. It is for young carers aged 16-17 (and 18 if still at school) with significant caring responsibilities.

9. This consultation asks questions on whether the draft regulations at Annex E will achieve the aims of the Young Carer Grant, and also on some specific points. We would like to gather views to ensure we have identified the best solutions and that they are in line with the principles of dignity, fairness and respect.

10. An outline of the Young Carer Grant regulations can be found at Annex D.

11. Recipients of the grant will be provided with free bus travel from 2020/2021, subject to successful piloting. This will be linked to the Young Carer Grant to support increase in take up. However, where we refer to the Young Carer Grant in the consultation, we mean only the £300 cash payment. The free bus travel element will follow separately once the Young Carer Grant has been established.

12. As part of the young carer package of support, we are also introducing a young carer element to the Young Scot National Entitlement Card that will be rolled out from April 2019, offering tailored entitlements and rewards such as leisure activities for young carers aged 11-18.

Who might be affected by the Young Carer Grant draft regulations?

13. Young carers aged 16-17 (and 18 if still at school) with significant caring responsibilities.

14. Under proposed eligibility, we estimate that the Young Carer Grant will offer support to approximately 1,700 young carers each year.

15. Further details of who may be affected by the regulations can be found in the summary of draft Impact Assessments at Annexes A, B and C. We are consulting on these and welcome your views.

How will the Young Carer Grant draft regulations be taken forward?

16. The responses to the consultation will be analysed and, taking these into account, final policy decisions will be made. The draft regulations will then follow a form of 'super-affirmative' procedure, as explained in the Social Security (Scotland) Act. [3] They will be scrutinised by the independent Scottish Commission on Social Security, revised as needed following the Commission's report and laid in draft for approval by the Scottish Parliament. They will then need to complete the parliamentary process as an 'affirmative instrument' before payment of Young Carer Grant can take place. Further information about this process can be found here:

17. Young Carer Grant will be delivered by Social Security Scotland (a new Executive Agency of the Scottish Government).

18. The Young Carer Grant service design team has started to plan the business processes which will allow young carers to access and receive the Young Carer Grant. This includes the application process. We are taking an 'Agile' approach to service design, which means that we continually test evolving designs with stakeholders to make the client journey as user-friendly as possible.

Who do we want to hear from?

19. We are keen to gather the views of people with a working knowledge of social security, carer and young carer matters and experience of working with regulations. For example carers and young carers, carer organisations, youth organisations, education professionals, health professionals and local authorities.

20. We want this consultation to be as accessible as possible. To respond to the consultation, people will be able to choose between interviews (for example face-to-face or over the phone) and written feedback in the form of a questionnaire. This will provide people with the opportunity to speak directly to researchers about their experiences and views on topics covered in the wider consultation. We will also be running some events during the consultation period to promote and encourage stakeholders to take part in the consultation. Through these events we will be targeting a wide range of stakeholders and seldom heard groups.

21. We are inviting the Young Carer Panel to participate in research on this topic, as well as working with a range of young carer services, and other relevant agencies to hear about their experiences and views on key issues covered in this consultation. If you would like to tell us about your experiences and views, please contact or:

Freephone: 0800 029 4974 (includes language line translation)

Text: Prefix 18001

SMS: 07467 447375

British Sign Language ( BSL) users can contact us via

22. Please let us know about any support needs that you have in order to allow you to take part.

What comments are requested and by when?

23. Please respond to this consultation using the Scottish Government's consultation hub, Citizen Space ( The list of questions can also be found at Annex H Consultation Questions. All responses should be submitted to us by 10 December 2018.

If you are unable to respond using our consultation hub, please complete the Respondent Information Form ( Annex F) and send to:

Young Carer Grant Consultation
Carer Benefits Policy Team
Social Security Policy
Victoria Quay

Further information about responding to this consultation can be found at Annex G.


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