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Climate Change Delivery Board: terms of reference

Published: 2 Dec 2015

Terms of reference for our advisory leadership group on climate change.

2 Dec 2015
Climate Change Delivery Board: terms of reference

Context for the work of the Climate Change Delivery Board

  • the principal focus of the Board is the delivery of the climate change targets
  • we aim to do this in a way that also delivers Ministers' wider Programme for Government priorities
  • Climate Change Delivery Board is part of Scottish Government (SG) corporate governance, and reports to both the Cabinet Sub-Committee on Climate Change and the Strategic Board
  • we also take account of our financial responsibilities to ensure that limited resources are used properly and effectively
  • we take into account the UK and European context for our work including rules, regulations, commitments and requirements
  • we are aware of our relationship to other internal and external groups (business, energy, fuel poverty etc.)

Role of the Board

To act as the advisory leadership group for the Scottish Government on Climate Change by:

  • providing leadership on this issue across the SG and wider public services
  • developing, owning and promoting a core narrative on the delivery of the climate change targets in context of the Programme for Government
  • promoting the methods and mechanisms by which delivery and improvement will be made
  • providing advice on investment choices across SG, using a wide evidence base and appropriate tools to do so
  • recognising innovation and linking cross cutting initiatives
  • offering both appropriate challenge and support to colleagues working on climate change
  • acting as a source of advice to colleagues on difficult/ uncertain problems
  • being the single authoritative voice of advice to Ministers on the portfolio of activity to deliver the climate change targets

The Board will not:

  • have direct oversight and assurance of individual projects and programmes
  • replace existing governance and accountability structures at Directorate and Ministerial level

Role and responsibilities of CCDB members

Members will:

  • play a full part in delivery of the vision, both collectively and for their area of responsibility
  • identify cross cutting and collaborative projects likely to deliver the vision
  • identify and act to mitigate risks
  • take personal responsibility for delivery, communication, and influencing within the Board and more widely with their teams and partners
  • take responsibility for the delivery of the contributory projects in their policy area

Our ways of working

Members will:

  • show up and actively contribute
  • adopt a collaborative approach – looking for cross cutting opportunities
  • be supportive and challenging of colleagues
  • accept roles/ activities on behalf of the Board