Children looked after by local authorities: legal framework

This report describes key aspects of the law as it applies throughout a child's journey through public care and supervision.

Footnotes for Children with disabilities

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21 R v Gloucester County Council and the Secretary of State [1997] A.C. 584; A local authority carried out an assessment of the community care needs of an elderly, infirm man in September 1992. He needed home care for shopping, collecting his pension, laundry, cleaning and meals on wheels. Two years later the council told him that, because the money allocated by central government had been reduced and there was not enough to meet demand, his cleaning and laundry services would be withdrawn. He, with others, successfully brought proceedings against the council for judicial review. On appeal the House of Lords ruled that in assessing an applicant's need for a service, the degree of that need and the necessity to make arrangements to meet it, a local authority had to balance the severity of the applicant's disabling condition against the cost of those arrangements and the availability of resources. Resources were therefore a proper consideration in deciding what services to provide. However services should not be withdrawn without a further reassessment of the client's needs at that time.

22 R v Avon County Council ex p M [1994] 2 F.L.R. 1006; M suffered from Down's Syndrome and the local authority was required to make arrangements for his care. In 1989 the council began to assess M's needs, and M was placed at a training unit for two years. In June 1991, M was offered a place at Milton Heights and he and his family wanted him to reside there permanently. Milton Heights was not a placement within the council area. The council refused to provide the necessary funding for the placement and subsequently decided on an alternative placement. M sought a review of that decision, and in January 1992, the local review panel recommended a placement at Milton Heights. The council rejected the review panel's recommendation, and M sought judicial review. The Council agreed that M's case would be looked at by a further review panel, with a report from two experts. In January 1993, the panel decided that M's entrenched position regarding his wish to go there and his likely adverse reaction to any alternative placement formed part of his psychological needs, that his needs were best met by a placement at Milton Heights and that the council should fully fund the placement. The following week, the council rejected that recommendation. M applied for judicial review of the council's decision. The Court held that the National Health Service and Community Care Act 1990 s. 47 required the community care services provided for M to be suitable to his individual needs, which included his psychological needs. M's wish to be placed at Milton Heights was part of his psychological needs. The council could not overrule the review panel's recommendation without a substantial reason, and without having given the recommendation the weight it required. The strength, coherence and apparent persuasiveness of the recommendation had to be addressed head on if the council were lawfully to depart from it and the council's decision was quashed.

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