On Board: a guide for members of statutory boards

Guidance for all those appointed under statute to be members of the boards of public bodies in Scotland.

Use of Social Media

When using social media the distinction between work and private life can become blurred, and speedily made comments can be misconstrued. It is important to take special care when expressing views on social media not to compromise your position as a member of a public body. Social media offers many benefits in communicating with stakeholders and interested parties. However, you should always remember that hastily expressed views through social media can reach large (sometimes unintended) audiences instantaneously and can be difficult to retract if required to do so. Your public body should have a policy in place about the use of social media. You should familiarise yourself with the content of that policy to protect the public body's reputation, its legal obligations, its information and its systems. You will be expected to approach any use of social media platforms responsibly and with care.


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