Goose management policy in Scotland: 2010 review

Review of goose management policy in Scotland conducted in 2010.


Contract Steering Group: Barbara Bremner, SNH; Paul Walton, RSPB; Jonnie Hall, NFUS; Andrew Taylor, SG.

Scientific and Policy advice: David Stroud, JNCC; Dr Ian Patterson, independent ecologist, Carl Mitchell, WWT; Dr Malcom Ogilvie, independent ecologist; Ian Bainbridge, SNH; Christine Urquhart, SNH; Larry Griffin; WWT; Richard Hearn, WWT;

Anne Cotton ( BTO; admin and literature searching support).

Sue Evans, interviewer under contract to CJC Consulting, for interviews with farmers, crofters and Local Goose Management Groups, and all the interviewees: farmers, crofters, and goose folk from the Solway to Orkney for their time, hospitality and sharing of expertise.

NGMRG representatives who participated in the national stakeholder analyses: Valerie MacNiven, RPID; Barbara Bremner, SNH; Andrew Taylor, SG; Ian Bainbridge, SNH; Colin Shedden, BASC; Carl Mitchell WWT; Ena MacDonald and Patrick Krause, SCF; Drew MacFarlane-Slack, SRPBA; Paul Walton, RSPB; Jonnie Hall, NFUS; Richard Hastings SG, licensing division. John Thomson, SNH.

Additional respondees who participated in the national stakeholder analyses: Lloyd Austin, RSPB; Ian Francis and Tony Fox, GWGS; David Jardine SOC; Gill Hartley, SASA; Ian Jardine, SNH; David Laing, SG licencing division; Adam Smith , GWCT.

GSAG representatives: Eileen Rees, WWT; John Harradine, BASC, Simon Cohen, SNH; Christine Urquhart, SNH; Ian Bainbridge, SNH; Paul Walton, RSPB (in place of Arjun Amar); Gill Hartley, SASA.

LGMS Chairs ( SGPID) : Alan Younie, Orkney; Bill Dundas , Uists/ Islay/ Kintyre/Tiree and Coll; Jennifer Kinnaird, Loch of Strathbeg; Quentin Donald, Solway.

Local SNH staff involved with the LGMS: Margaret Morris, Islay; Morven Laurie, Islay; Rae Mackenzie, Islay; Hazel White, Kintyre; Alastair Watson, Strathbeg, Colin MacFarlane, Tiree and Coll; David Mackay, Uists; Roddy MacNinn; Uists; Dylan deSilva, Orkney; Gail Churchill, Orkney; Graeme Dalby, Solway.

RSPB local area staff who have involvement with LGMS: Eric Meek, Orkney; Alan Leitch, Orkney; Andy Knight, Orkney; Victoria Anderson, Loch of Strathbeg; John Bowler, Tiree; Ben Jones, Coll: James How, Islay; Jack Flemming, Islay, Martin Scott, Uists; Dave Fairlamb, Solway.

Local SNH staff involved with other goose management: Ross Lilley, Liam Wright; Neville Mackan, Karen Judd.

International contacts: Johan Mannson and Annie Wiberg at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences; Ingunn Tombre, Institute for Nature Research ( NINA) and Arild Espelien at the Norwegian Directorate for Nature Management; Nickolai Petkov, Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds; Jesper Madsen and Tommy Asferg, National Environmental Research Institute, Denmark; Vincent Schricke, Ministry of Environment; Aevar Peterson, Icelandic Institute of Natural History and Bjarni Palsson, Environmental Agency of Iceland; Johan Mooij, Kreis Wesel Biology Station, Germany; Jens Bagger, Greenland Government; Kees Koffiberg, SOVON, the Netherlands; Aivar Leito, Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and Peep Mannil, Environment Ministry of Estonia; Fabio Perco, Trieste University, Italy, and Phil Grice, Steve Pullan, John Bowman and Alan Bullivant, Natural England.


Email: Central Enquiries Unit

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