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Armed forces and veterans healthcare

We are committed to ensuring all armed forces personnel and veterans who serve and live in Scotland are able to access the best possible care and support, including safe, effective and person-centred healthcare.

Our policy recognises the unique circumstances of our armed forces personnel and acknowledges the considerable contribution that they and the veterans community make to society in Scotland.

Serving  personnel and veterans should face no disadvantage in accessing treatment for health issues resulting from service to their country, subject to clinical priority for all patients. We continue to raise awareness of this policy with NHS boards regularly. Additionally, every NHS Board has in place a Champion for Armed Forces and Veterans, responsible for ensuring this policy is implemented at local level.

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Armed Forces and Veterans Joint Group

The Armed Forces Personnel and Veterans Health Joint Group ('the Joint Group') drives progress of commitments relating to the health of the armed forces and veterans community. 

Improving NHS support for armed forces personnel and veterans

The Scottish Veterans Commissioner (SVC) published his report, Veterans’ health and wellbeing: a distinctive Scottish approach, in April 2018.

The report contains 18 recommendations covering a wide range of issues, including physical health, mental health, governance and leadership. We have accepted all of the report’s recommendations and are progressing implementation of these. In May 2019, the Commissioner published a report containing a RAG (red / amber / green) assessment of progress towards implementation of each recommendation.

Our continuing aim is to ensure that the long-term clinical needs of serving personnel and veterans are better understood and supported within the NHS. 

Support for veterans and the armed forces community: report 2019 accompanies the Minister for Parliamentary Business and Veterans annual update to Parliament about our support for our veterans and armed forces community in Scotland, made on 03 December 2019, read more here.


Send any enquiries regarding healthcare for the armed forces and veterans community to  afvhealth@gov.scot