Oil and gas

Oil and gas skills

As set out in Scotland's Energy Strategy, we see the domestic offshore oil and gas industry playing an essential role in Scotland's future energy system, supporting jobs and skills.

For this to work, our oil and gas industry must retain a skilled workforce and continue to attract talent.

Transition Training Fund

We launched the Transition Training Fund (TTF) in February 2016 in response to the oil and gas downturn. Skills Development Scotland (SDS) deliver the fund on our behalf.

This three-year, £12 million fund is focused on supporting the highly skilled energy workforce in the North Sea region by offering grants to individuals to support their redeployment through retraining or further education. The fund can also help people with the costs of maintaining licences they need to work in the sector, which enables the sector to retain talent.

In its first year of operation the TTF surpassed its initial aim of supporting more than 1,000 individuals a year.

Find more information on the TTF website.

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