Legal definition of sectarianism working group


This group has been set up to consider the introduction of a definition of 'sectarianism' into Scots law.

It comes in response to a recommendation made by the Scottish Parliament’s Justice Committee in its stage 1 report on of the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Behaviour (Repeal) (Scotland) Bill

The remit of this working group is to:

  • consider and weigh up the pros and cons of establishing a legal definition of 'sectarianism' in Scots law
  • report the findings of these considerations to Scottish Ministers making clear recommendations on whether such a definition should be introduced and, if so, propose the text of such a definition


  • Duncan Morrow (Chair)
  • Alison Logan
  • Andrew Tickell
  • Margaret Lynch 
  • Ian Galloway
  • Michael Rosie

All of those invited to join the group have been invited on an individual basis because of their background and expertise in addressing social issues or knowledge of Scots law.

No member has been invited to represent any organisation that they are currently, or have previously been, affiliated to.