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EU Animal Health Regulation

Published on 31 March 2016 in the Official Journal of the European Union, the EU Animal Health Regulation (EU AHR) is one of five in a package of interconnected proposals to update and simplify controls in the agri-food chain.  The EU AHR aims to ensure high standards of animal and public health in the EU and provides a single overarching framework with harmonised principles across the sector. 

Outlining the principles of European animal health for the next 20 years the EU AHR will help support:

  • A quick reaction in cases of emerging diseases;
  • Consistency across animal health;
  • the reduction as  far as possible the effect of animal diseases on animal and public health, animal welfare, the economy and society; and
  • the functioning of the internal market in animals and animal products.

There now follows a 5 year implementation period, where the detailed rules will be developed and then made into law with the new rules applying from April 2021.