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Crofting in Scotland

Crofting is a system of landholding which makes a significant economic, social and environmental contribution to remote rural areas.

There are 17,725 crofts in Scotland, mainly in the Highlands and Islands, and around 33,000 people live in crofting households.

The Scottish Government is committed to reforming crofting to secure its future, bring new blood into crofting communities and ensure it can continue to contribute to the development of a thriving rural Scotland.



Report on the Economic Condition of Crofting 2011-2014

Full details of the Report can be found in the Report on the Economic Condition of Crofting (2011-2014).


Supporting documents:

The Crofting Survey - Full Report (2011-2014) can be found in the Crofting Survey - Full Report. 

The SAC Report - Economics of Crofting (2011-2014) can be found in the SAC Report - Economics of Crofting.