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Lifelong Learning - Publications

Publication List

Details of Scottish Government publications for the Lifelong Learning theme are given below along with information on relevant publications released by other organisations:

Topics Publication Published By* Status
Participation and access

Participation Rates for Entrants to Scottish Higher Education 2012-13

Graduate Endowment Abolition (Scotland) Act 2008: Widening Access Report 2013-14



National Statistics


Students and Attainment Higher Education Students and Qualifiers at Scottish Institutions 2013-14 SFC National Statistics
Student Support

Education Maintenance Allowances 2014-15

Higher Education Student Support in Scotland 2013-14

Student Loans for Higher Education 2011-12

Income Contingent Student Loans by Repayment Cohort and Tax Year 2000/01 to 2010/11





National Statistics
National Statistics
National Statistics
National Statistics

Destinations of Qualifiers

Early Destinations of Students Qualifying from Scottish Higher Education Institutions 2012-13 SG National Statistics

* SG: Scottish Government; SFC: Scottish Funding Council; SAAS: Student Awards Agency Scotland; SLC: Student Loans company.

The following note describes the quality of the outputs produced under the Lifelong Learning Statistics publication series:

Other historic publications:

The collection of statistics on higher and further education is mostly undertaken by other agencies, on behalf of the Scottish Government. Information about, and links to, the organisations which collect these statistics can be found in the Links section of these pages.

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