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Housing Statistics for Scotland - Private Sector Housing Improvement and Repair Grants

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Private Sector Housing Improvement and Repair Grants

Please note that from 1 April 2010, Local authorities no longer provide grants for repairs and improvements. They have moved to providing assistance which can be in the form of information, advice, guidance and practical assistance. For more information see the Scheme of Assistance page.


Prior to this there were two sources of information on private sector grants for improvement and repair:

The quarterly summary return (IMP1A) - Collected information on the number of dwellings on which final grant was paid, the amount paid and the type of grant involved.


The monthly case based return (IMP1B) - Collected information on improvement grants that had been approved for various types of work to private sector housing. The figures are different from those in the IMP1A summary return because the IMP1B is based on grants approved rather than grants paid.


Please note the distinction between the type of grant (in IMP1A) and the work type (in IMP1B). These are not the same. Users should read the notes pages within each spreadsheet for guidance.

Improvement and Repair Grant Tables

Housing repair and improvement grants approved (all from IMP1B) - The first four tables below give a breakdown of grants by work type. Work types have changed a number of times over the years and so a consistent time series can not be produced (apart from disabled adaptations).

The remaining tables cover the whole period from 1986-86 to current.

Note: In all improvement grant tables figures for the former New Towns are included in the appropriate district figures.