Housing statistics

Statistics that include affordable housing, new housing supply, rents in the private sector, local authority housing, and social housing.

Quarterly housing update

A summary of activity in new build housing and affordable housing in Scotland.

Housing Statistics Annual Key Trends

Statistics on housing stock, new housing supply, local authority stock, and housing management.  

Private Sector Rent statistics

Information on Private Sector Rents across 18 Broad Rental Market areas in Scotland.

These statistics are largely based on market-level advertised new let rents and do not represent changes in rents for existing tenants.

Social Tenants in Scotland

Overview of social tenants and social rented housing in Scotland including stock, household characteristics, housing Social tenants in Scotland flows, rents and income levels.

Scottish Household Survey - Local Authority Summary Report

A short analysis of key points of interest from the Scottish Household Survey 2018 local authority level tables on housing.

Housing statistics: datasets

A range of time series and summary tables available to download in Excel format.

Housing statistics: Data quality, sources and suitability

Housing statistics across the UK

The Government Statistical Service have developed a tool to browse all housing and planning statistics produced by UK public bodies. 


Housing and regeneration outcomes framework: indicator updates

The latest update to the Housing and Regeneration Outcome Indicators was published on Tuesday 16th June 2020. Further information on the update can be accessed through the web link below.


You can find older reports and datatsets via our archive. 



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