Scottish Health Survey

The 2014 report is now published.  Download it from the Reports and Publications page.


The validation study on changes in the waist circumference and blood pressure measurement is now available to download.


The 2013 data has now been released.  Download it now from the Data Archive.


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Scottish Health Survey


SHeS 2013 cover2014 Main Report

The latest Scottish Health Survey main report

2014 Summary Report

A short summary of the latest findings

2014 Supplementary Web Tables

Additional tables to those included in the main report

2014 Technical Report

A detailed desciption of the survey methodology

Survey Documentation

Includes user guides, questionnaires and variable lists for all years in which the survey has been carried out.


For a full list of publications, including topic reports and results from previous years, please see the Reports and Publications page.  For information on accessing the data or replicating report tables, please see the Analyst Help section.


The Scottish Health Survey (SHeS) provides a detailed picture of the health of the Scottish population in private households and is designed to make a major contribution to the monitoring of health in Scotland. It is essential for the Scottish Government's forward planning, for identifying gaps in health services provision and for identifying which groups are at particular risk of future ill-health.

Prior to the introduction of the Scottish Health Survey in 1995 there was no comprehensive picture of the health of the population, its biological characteristics or health-related behaviour available at national level, nor on how these characteristics may be changing over time. The Scottish Health Survey was therefore designed to overcome this lack of knowledge with a number of specific aims.

A video has been made to illustrate the wide range of uses of the health survey. It can be viewed on Vimeo or Youtube

Previous Scottish Health Surveys were undertaken in 1995, 1998, and 2003 .

The continuous Scottish Health Survey began in January 2008 and is running from 2008 - 2015. An annual report is published for each year of the survey (the latest published being 2013). A contract was awarded in 2011 to continue the survey for for a further four years, from 2012-2015.