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Carers Census Final Data Specification

The data specification for the Carers Census is now available.  Work is ongoing with the Digital Transformation Service in Scottish Government to develop a system to collect this data from partnerships.  Local Authorities and other relevant bodies should ensure they are collecting this data locally for 2017-18 so they can provide data when requested. 


Carers Census Development

The following presentations provide more information on the Carers Census development during 2017:



Consultation on a new Carers Census to help evidence the impact of the Carers Act took place between October amd December 2016. 


Short Life Working Group: Carers Census

A short life working group was set up in June 2016 to develop data specification and guidance for a new data collection on support to carers which is being introduced to monitor the impact of the Carers Act.


Meeting on 29th June 2016


Meeting on 21st July 2016


Meeting on 24th August 2016


Meeting on 20th October 2016