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Scottish Crime and Justice Survey

The SCJS is a large-scale social survey which asks people about their experiences and perceptions of crime. The survey is important because it provides a picture of crime in Scotland, including crimes that haven’t been reported to, or recorded by the police and captured in police recorded crime statistics. Have a look at our video on YouTube or Vimeo for an introduction to the survey, and the information that's available on this webpage.

The findings from the SCJS are used by policy makers across the public sector in Scotland to help understand the nature of crime in Scotland, target resources and monitor the impact of initiatives to target crime. Take a look at the latest key findings from the survey, or access the full report on our publications page.

SCJS Methodology

Recent Changes to the SCJS

SCJS Changes

Care has been taken to ensure that the survey remains broadly consistent, and that data is comparable with previous survey results. However, the changes to the survey sample size will have an impact on the data that we collect. For some of the data, particularly experiences of rarer crimes and sub-national data, small numbers of respondents mean that that there may be a need to combine two-years of survey data to ensure that we report sufficiently precise results.

We are currently undertaking work to consider how best to report the findings of the survey, taking into consideration the reduced sample size, and structured around user needs, resources available and robustness of results. For example, we expect there will be opportunities to report on some survey findings annually (for example, from questions about public attitudes), while some reporting may continue to be released biennially (such as crime trend data). We will keep users fully informed on this as the work develops and plan to consult users shortly on proposals being developed.


The results of the 2014/15 survey are now published:

The SCJS 2014/15 Main Findings report was published on Tuesday 15 March, 2016.

The SCJS 2014/15 Partner Abuse report  & SCJS 2014/15 Sexual Victimisation and Stalking report was published on Tuesday 17 May, 2016.

The SCJS 2014/15 Drug Use report was published on Tuesday 28 June, 2016.