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Tackling Poverty in Scotland

Our approach to tackling poverty focusses on early intervention and prevention – tackling the root causes and building people’s capabilities through universal entitlements, income maximisation and promoting children’s life chances. The Government has three key social policy frameworks:

The Child Poverty Strategy sets out what the Scottish Government will do to reduce the levels of child poverty in Scotland, and to ensure that as few children as possible experience any type of socio-economic disadvantage. There are two very distinctive aims within the strategy:

  • To reduce the levels of child poverty by reducing income poverty and material deprivation
  • Improve children's wellbeing and life chance - with the ultimate aim being to break inter-generational cycles of poverty, inequality and deprivation.

For the first time, we have now published a measurement framework which presents a set of 35 indicators. When the data becomes available, these indicators will give a broad picture of how well Scotland is doing in progressing against the outcomes outlined in the strategy:

For further information about income and poverty statistics, poverty research, latest publications, a broad range of Family Resources Survey based analysis relating to income and low income in Scotland as well as performance against UK child poverty targets please see:


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