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Men's Programme

The Men's Programme

The Caledonian men's programme is designed to cover the main areas of behaviour, thinking, feeling, attitudes and beliefs which research and practice have identified as central to change in men who have abused women partners. The programme activities are based on a systematic and comprehensive review of the risk factors from the literature.

Information pertaining to the criminogenic needs for each man is gathered in a detailed process of assessment which begins at the referral stage and continues through the fourteen or more pre-group sessions. The pre-group work also begins to provide men with the skills they will need for the next stage of the programme, and consequently the early stages of change can occur in some men. All of this assists in the development of the case formulation which should be at an advanced stage by the end of the pre-group work

The group work modules cover the key areas of: promoting lifelong change; responsibility for and to self; responsibility within relationships; sexual respect; men and women; and children and fathering. The programme has been designed to simultaneously engage and motivate men, meet their criminogenic needs and promote women's and children's safety. The group work part of the programme is designed to operate on a carousel model, whereby members can enter and leave at many points. Not only does this enable men to join when they are ready as opposed to having to wait for a new 'closed' group to begin, it also enables the group to function at an enhanced level.

Once men have completed the group phase of the programme they proceed to the post-group Maintenance stage and continue with this until the completion of their order or license.