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Caledonian Women's Service

The Caledonian Women's Service

The Caledonian System includes a women's service which offers emotional and practical support to women and children, advice on safety planning, risk assessment and advocacy. Both the men and women's service work together to reduce risk and increase safety.

The women's service will work with the present partner of the man, or the victim of his abuse at the time of the offence, and their children. Women whose partners are assessed as unsuitable for the intervention will also be offered a limited service to discuss the sentence, do some safety planning and, if appropriate, to make referrals to alternative services.

The Caledonian Women's Service aims are:

  • Increasing safety
  • Reducing Risk
  • Improving women's mental and emotional health and well-being
  • Giving clear messages and developing understanding about domestic abuse
  • Promoting realistic expectations about the work being done with men
  • Promoting women's empowerment and working for change
  • Developing an effective intra-face with the men's service
  • Contributing to the risk management of men
  • Contributing to the evaluation of the men's progress
  • Participating in a co-ordinated community response to domestic abuse

The Caledonian System Women's Service Manual

The Caledonian System Women's Service manual is aimed at women's service workers within the Caledonian. However, some sections may be relevant for anyone working with women who have experienced domestic abuse, particularly Sections A and B. The manual covers:

  • The key tasks of the Caledonian System Women's Service
  • General advice about working with women who have experienced domestic abuse including issues like separation, assaults, moving house and legal issues.
  • Safety and crisis planning
  • A programme of exercises to do with women
  • Forms and handouts for workers and women

This manual is intended to complement full training, not as a substitute for it.