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Previous projects




Organisation: The Active Learning Centre

Project Title: Building a Democratic Dialogue with Women in Communities (MA02)

Total Award: £269,280

The Active Learning Centre has empowered women in deprived communities to participate in purposeful dialogue with their female MPs.  This has encouraged and included lobbying for the amendment of laws, policy and services. The project has also built parliamentary capacity, through dialogue with the women’s caucus, and encouraged links between the Scottish and Malawian Parliaments. 

Organisation: The Active Learning Centre

Project Title: Rights Advice & Information to Promote Access to Justice (MA30)

Total Award: £301,069.40

This project, run by the Active Learning Centre, has contributed to the strengthening of civil society by ensuring that the most vulnerable are able to access justice and protect their human rights. The project worked in Dedza and Mangochi, delivering rights access and information to those experiencing poverty, enabling them to advocate for legislative and policy changes.  The Active Learning Centre has developed legal manuals, delivered paralegal training, established local advisory committees and delivered rights clinics for locals in Dedza and Mangochi. 

Organisation: Challenges Worldwide

Project Title: Capacity Building for Justice

Total Award: £376,125

Through this project, Challenges Worldwide have developed capacity building of public sector institutions and civil society organisations working in Malawi to promote the rule of law and access to justice. Their work has built upon the completion of a pilot study previously funded by the Scottish Government.  Challenges Worldwide have enabled departments in Malawi such as the Ministry of Justice and the Law Commission to work with their direct counterpart Scottish institutions.  The establishment of these links has additionally provided law books and a legal assistant who is on placement in Malawi.  Challenges Worldwide have also helped to upgrade the skills of staff employed by the Ombudsman and the Malawi Human Rights Commission. 

Organisation: Venture Trust

Project Title: Moving On Malawi

Total Award: £298,735

Venture Trust have run a project to reduce reoffending rates among young men in Kachere prison.  This project has helped to motivate them and provide them with the opportunity to make positive changes to their life.  Venture Trust provided personal skills development in consequential thinking, HIV/AIDS awareness and positive goal setting by placing two Outreach and Development posts inside the prison.  Additionally, they have improved the access to legal aid for some prison inmates which should help with the sustainability of the project. 





Organisation: Concern Worldwide

Project Title: Promoting Equal Access to Education

Total Award: £400,000

Concern Worldwide has improved access to education and additionally the retention of pupils, especially amongst girls and vulnerable children in Nsanje, Southern Malaiw.  The project has worked with the community to improve the quality of education at primary schools and conduct training and sensitisation to benefit over 18,739 pupils in 25 schools.  The project has improved the delivery of services by the District Education Management Office through building the capacity of teachers and training them on effective teaching methods.  Concern have supported initiatives that have increased female teachers in rural areas and have supported the increased protection of learners in the targeted zones to develop a safer learning environment for girls, including the prevention of gender based violence.

Organisation: Eurotalk Interactive

Project Title: Digital Schools for Rural Schools

Total Award: £285,200

Eurotalk have worked to upgrade existing educational software into Chichewa and have provided it to 50 rural schools via mobile-phone based digital technology. The project has delivered training for using the digital tools to all participants and the educational software has been updated throughout the project.   

Organisation: Sense Scotland

Project Title: Malawi Deaf / Deafblind Education

Total Award: £282,636

Sense Scotland have built on a successful Scottish Government supported pilot project by increasing the number of deaf and deafblind children in education in Northern Malawi.  They have raised awareness of their needs and rights through the development of a Northern Council of Deafness. There are approximately 7,500 deaf children and young people in Malawi who face serious barriers to access education, vocational training, health care information, economic activity and participation in mainstream society.  Sense Scotland has provided support to these children and their families and teachers.  Furthermore, a new resource unit for the education for deaf/deafblind children and young people is in the process of being built. 

Organisation: Scottish International Relief

Project title: Mary's Meals

Total Award: £400,000

Mary’s Meals has worked closely with the Government of Malawi on their newly introduced Universal School Meals (USM) programme to expand their school feeding programme to over 20,000 school children across Malawi.  Furthermore, the charity will also work in close partnership with local communities in Malawi in order to tackle the problems of child hunger and malnutrition, and primarily the widespread lack of access to primary education in Malawi.  The project reports demonstrate that enrolment at schools increases once the feeding programme has been introduced, thus having a positive impact on access to education.    

Organisation: Tearfund Scotland

Project Title: Empowerment of Girls and Boys through Increased Access to Education: A Long Term Response to HIV and AIDS in Karonga District

Total Award: £396,200

Tearfund Scotland have built on a successful Scottish Government supported pilot project in Karonga district, to increase awareness and knowledge in over 16,000 children against various forms of abuse and exploitation.  This abuse and exploitation forces them to drop out of school and leave them vulnerable to HIV and AIDS. The project has raised awareness within the communities on harmful practices, children’s rights, child labour and gender practices, particularly emphasising the importance of girls access to school.   



Strand: HEALTH


Organisation: CBM

Project Title: Improving Children's Eye Care in Malawi

Total Award: £75,100

CBM have improved the provision of child eye care through the establishment of a children's eye care centre in Blantyre, supported by a network of community-based health workers. CBM organised an extensive training programme, significantly increasing the number of clinical officials in Lilongwe trained in paediatric vision assessment.  The project has provided equipment to enable examinations for children with visual disabilities and has established a referral system and protocol for the management of children with cataracts and other serious eye conditions.

Organisation: Christian Aid

Project Title: Empowerment for Health & Livelihoods

Total Award: £400,000

Christian Aid built on a successful programme of work previously funded by the Scottish Government to reduce HIV transmission. The project has supported at least 600 people and communities affected by HIV/AIDS to access a comprehensive range of nutritional, economic, care and support services in Karonga, Northern Malawi.

Organisation: Church of Scotland

Project title: Nkhoma Safe Motherhood Programme

Total Award: £399, 401 over three financial years (2012-2015)

The Church of Scotland were awarded funding to continue their work which began under a previous project in the Nathenje area in Lilongwe, Malawi.  The project focussed on improving the quality of care through the referrals process for women experiencing complications in childbirth. The project has built capacity within the local area to improve maternal health, trained traditional birth attendants, improved awareness of maternal health and empowered women to access healthcare.  Additionally, the Church of Scotland have improved the availability and quality of reproductive health services. 

Organisation: Concern Worldwide

Project Title: Health & Nutrition Programme

Total Award: £397,464

This project, run by Concern Worldwide, has addressed the barriers to accessing health care services among the rural poor.  The approach developed the capacity of the health sector in 500 villages, taking a community based approach to identify, refer and care for malnourished mothers and children.  Concern have increased the capacity of local communities to support and monitor maternal and child health, increased knowledge and skills to prevent illness and provide treatment. 

Organisation: NHS Tayside Emergency Service

Project Title: Supporting the Establishment of the First Adult Emergency and Trauma Centre

Total Award: £331,436

NHS Tayside Emergency Service have supported the provision of training programmes on adult emergency medicine, enabling the development of a new Adult Emergency and Trauma Centre within the Queen Elizabeth Central Teaching Hospital, Blantyre. The project has provided clinical support to the new unit and has trained local staff.  Emergency medical specialists from Scotland have worked with colleagues in Malawi to improve the delivery of emergency care for adults with acute medical conditions, consequently increasing the survival rates of patients.

Organisation: Oxfam Scotland

Project Title: Promoting Sustainable Livelihoods for Vulnerable Groups in the Chiradzulu District

Total Award: £400,000

Oxfam Scotland have worked with partners in Malawi to empower people affected by HIV/AIDS in the Chiradzulu District, which has the highest rate of HIV/AIDS in Malawi. The project included a broad range of activities which focus on support for sustainable economic development, as well as gender equality and female empowerment. The project involved the establishment of village savings and credit associations in addition to management training for over 5,000 women and the formation of enterprise groups to support beneficiaries to manage profitable small scale businesses. The project has taken a holistic approach to health care and economic development and empowers and supports people to make positive changes to their own lives.

Organisation: Scotland-Malawi Mental Health Education Project

Project Title: Building Mental Health Education

Total Award: £288,590

The Scotland Malawi Mental Health Education project is a charity run by mental health professionals working in Scotland. Their project has worked to improve the treatment of mental illness through the education and training of mental healthcare professionals in Malawi, particularly focussing  on improving the identification and treatment of maternal depression and post natal depression.  Psychiatrists from Scotland delivered undergraduate training with their partners at the Malawi College of Medicine and established a Masters postgraduate training course to help to increase access to, and improve the quality of, mental health care in Malawi. SMMHEP provided all teaching materials for the training.

Organisation: University of Edinburgh

Project Title: eLiCE: e-Learning in Clinical Education

Total Award: £399,024

The University of Edinburgh has improved the standard of clinical education in Malawi by further developing e-learning resources.  Additionally, they have built capacity and increased skills of the educators and Malawian institutions to use e-learning.  Digital teaching and learning resources have been provided for undergraduate and postgraduate students in medicine and nursing on the servers at the medical colleges.  The University of Edinburgh have run e-learning workshops, developed an online portal and modernized the curriculum to incorporate e-learning.  The project built on a previous Scottish Government grant to support the University's work with the College of Medicine in Malawi, and has shared resources and expertise between institutions in Scotland and Malawi.

Organisation: University of Strathclyde

Project Title: Scotland Chikwawa Health Initiative

Total Award: £341,693

The University of Strathclyde have built on a previous successful programme in the Chikwawa district. Their project has trained health centre staff, upgraded health centre equipment and educated community members to raise awareness and understanding of the value of maternal and neonatal health care.  Strathclyde University have collected data to improve programme planning, trained health surveillance assistants, upgraded equipment, trained safe motherhood committees, constructed maternal health shelters and staff housing and raised awareness of maternal health.  This project has improved community health care, and has focussed on reducing maternal and neonatal mortality.   

Organisation: Waverley Care

Project Title: "Pezani Mwayi" - "To have access"

Total award: £399,000

Waverley Care have addressed the prevention, treatment and care of people with HIV/AIDS in addition to supporting vulnerable people to access appropriate services.  The project has built on an existing successful project funded by the Scottish Government and will work to increase the influence and participation of young people in the policy and implementation of sexual reproductive health services.  Waverley Care have delivered training and raised awareness of HIV/AIDS, improved accessibility to contraception, developed training materials and manuals and ran awareness workshops. The project has improved treatment and care of those affected by HIV/AIDS and has reduced infection rates through work on prevention and safe sex. 




Organisation: Macaulay Land Use Research Institute

Project Title: JANEEMO Enterprises

Total Award: £398,658

The JANEEMO project built on a previous project funded by the Scottish Government to develop renewable sources of energy (biodiesel, biogas and firewood) and provided new income streams through the production and sale of leaf powder. This project has helped JANEEMO farmers to become more productive increased the value of their products.  Consequently, they have provided increased income security for farmers, delivered vocational training and improved land management.  The project has additionally identified potential products for domestic and export markets and has developed the JANEEMO trading company to apply for Fairtrade status.  Overall, the project has provided sustainable income opportunities, contributed to poverty alleviation and increased food security. 

Organisation: Opportunity International UK

Project Title: Sustainable Livelihoods in Nsanje

Total Award: £400,000

Opportunity International have expanded their successful programme in Malawi to provide financial services to over 17,000 households in the Nsanje District.  This has increased household incomes, improved livelihoods and enabled greater food security. Access to microfinance facilities has proved to be a successful way to enable people, especially those from disadvantaged or minority groups, to work their way out of poverty.

Organisation: Scottish Agricultural College

Project Title: Dairy Diploma Programme

Total Award: £366,665

The Scottish Agricultural College (SAC) has built on its previous training programme for small holder dairy farmers.  The College has developed and increased technical knowledge through the establishment of a Dairy Learning Resource Centre and the promotion of a Rural Industries Diploma programme.  This programme will help to increase the productivity of dairy farming, contributing to more sustainable livelihoods, and better nutrition and food security.

Organisation: Scottish Crop Research Institute

Project Title: Strengthening Potato Production

Total Award: £399,900

The Scottish Crop Research Institute has addressed the key issues identified within a Scottish Government supported survey, which explored the constraints on the potato crop within the Malawian agricultural system. The project has contributed to poverty reduction and food security by strengthening the development of sustainable potato production and marketing systems for improved productivity and trade.