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Adult Protection Policy Team
Protection of Rights & Mental Health Division
3ER - St Andrew's House
Tel: 0131 244 2599
Fax: 0131 244 5076
Email: ASPUnit@gov.scot

Adult Support and Protection in Care Homes and Independent Hospitals project

Adult Support and Protection in Care Homes and Independent Hospitals

'We need to ensure public confidence that care homes and other related care settings are safe and reliable places to be. This requires a co-ordinated and committed approach by all parties'. Ranald Mair, CEO Scottish Care

There are examples of awareness and good practice in various parts of Scotland but relatively little was known nationally about staff awareness and how well adult protection is being delivered in these settings. There have been concerns about the low number of adult protection referrals from care homes (compared to that with young people in secure care or children’s home) and about incidents which have been presented in the media of large scale failures in protection in some care settings in England.

Through this project the profile of adult protection has been raised with many of the partners involved. The project has helped foster the understanding that ‘supporting and protecting adults at risk is everyone’s responsibility’. It has also set ambitions beyond the narrow limits of adult protection legislation to a preventative focus of encouraging a culture of awareness of ‘early indicators’ such as poor practice which could lead to harm.

Summary of Analyses of awareness and training in Adult Support and Protection

The Summary of Analyses of awareness and training in Adult Support and Protection is a summary of the analyses of surveys conducted in July 2013 which aimed at identifying trends and ultimately gaps in the knowledge and training of Adult Support & Protection (ASP) in Care Homes and Independent Hospitals settings. The surveys are a snapshot up to that period.

Learning Outcomes Framework

The Learning Outcomes Framework was developed by a task group consisting partly of project team members in early 2014. They have been developed around the simple principles of Respect, Recognise, Report, Respond & Record and Reflect.

Roles and Responsibilities leaflet

This Roles and Responsibilities leaflet is for persons who are resident or considering residency in a Care Home or an Independent Hospital or for their relatives or carers. This will be made available on the Scottish Government website once the local consultation is complete.

Summary of principles - Guidance for dealing with ASP in Care Homes

In the autumn of 2013, three local authorities were selected to take part in a project to explore effective models of inter-agency collaborative working to reduce the risk of harm in care homes. This project formed part of the work undertaken by a sub-group of a Project team established by the Scottish Government’s National Adult Support and Protection Policy Forum which explored wider issues of harm within care homes and independent hospitals.