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Infrastructure Investment

Infrastructure investment in support of better and modern public services and growth in the Scottish economy is a top priority for the Scottish Government. Our infrastructure programme will be delivered in a way which offers maximum value for money and we have set out three overarching aims for our infrastructure programme. These are to provide certainty about our investment plans, to ensure that the investment plans we set out are sustainable and affordable this year, next year and over the long term and to deliver sustainable economic growth, ensuring that the investments we make will help support a strong recovery and a strong Scottish economy.

The Scottish Government is taking forward a comprehensive infrastructure investment programme which includes record investment in improving road and rail infrastructure across the Scotland which is creating jobs, helping businesses and supporting sustainable economic growth across Scotland.

Infrastructure Investment Unit (IIU)

The Infrastructure Investment Unit (IIU) is part of the Scottish Government's Finance Directorate and co-ordinates analysis and advice to Ministers on public sector infrastructure investment. The key functions of IIU include sponsorship of the Scottish Futures Trust (SFT), policy advice to Ministers on the Infrastructure Investment Plan, Tax Incremental Financing and other capital investment issues, support for the Infrastructure Investment Board, and management of the Infrastructure Projects Database. In carrying out its role, the IIU works closely with other Scottish Government Directorates, particularly those with major capital expenditure responsibilities, and with other public bodies as well as the SFT.