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Land Reform in Scotland

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The Land Reform (Scotland) Bill was given Royal Assent on 22 April 2016, and you can view the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2016 online.


On the 26th November 2014, the First Minister, as part of the Programme for Government, set out the Scottish Government's vision that Scotland's land must be an asset that benefits the many, not the few. This vision promotes a strong relationship between the people of Scotland and the land of Scotland, where ownership and use of land delivers greater public benefits through a democratically accountable and transparent system of land rights that promotes fairness and social justice, environmental sustainability and economic prosperity.

Land reform aims to ensure the correct balance of land rights to achieve this vision. This can only be achieved through a package of measures, taken forward and understood together.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon

"Using land strategically and sustainably will contribute to a more prosperous and successful nation. Communities most affected by decisions about land must be fully engaged in those decisions. Our current Land Reform Bill is the next step in our ambitious land reform programme. It will:

• Ensure an effective system of land governance and ongoing commitment to land reform in Scotland.

• Enhance sustainable development in relation to land and improve the transparency and accountability of land ownership.

• Commit to manage land and rights in land for the common good, by modernising and improving land ownership and rights over land."

Nicola Sturgeon MSP, First Minister for Scotland

Programme for Government, Sep 2015