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Structural Funds 2014-2020

The Saltire FlagsScotland's 2014-2020 Programmes

For the 2014-2020 programming period, Scotland secured a total investment of €941m split across the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and European Social Fund (ESF):

ERDF allocation - €476m

ESF allocation - €464m

In all Member States and Regions, the strategic focus of ESIF is to grow economic activity and employment, while increasing the living standards of EU citizens. In Scotland, ERDF funding supports Smart Growth and Sustainable Growth Objectives, while ESF support Inclusive Growth activity. Both funding programmes focus investments into niche areas to maximise the positive impact of the funds in successfully achieving EU2020 objectives and Scottish Government policy priorities.

2014-2020 Programme Structure

The structure of the programmes in Scotland are designed to maximise the impact of investments and are structured around specific themes. Large-scale funding allocations (minimum of €15million) known as Strategic Interventions are administered by Lead Partners who are responsible for distributing smaller-scale amounts of money to eligible projects. Read more


All Member States and Regions in receipt of European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) must adhere to European Commission Regulations 1083/2006 and 1303/2013 setting out the requirements for managing, distributing, monitoring and evaluating the Funds.

The regulations require Member States to employ appropriate governance structures and processes to ensure the effective management of the Funds, and that activity to distribute and invest EU funding is in accordance with EU law. Read more

Monitoring and Evaluation

In accordance with EC regulations, the Scottish Government in its role as the Managing Authority monitors the progress of the 2014-2020 ERDF and ESF programmes in Scotland.

To comply with Common Provision Regulation Article 54(3) evaluation of the programmes is carried out by functionally independent experts or bodies (internal or external).

Monitoring and evaluation information is used to inform programme management and progress towards achieving the targets associated with the individual SIs. A new monitoring and evaluation section will follow shortly.

Am I Eligible for Funding and How do I Apply?

The 2014-2020 ERDF and ESF programmes in Scotland operates two funding types - Strategic Interventions and Operation Applications.

Strategic Interventions are large-scale funding amounts allocated to Lead Partners to distribute to individual projects and organisations seeking financial support for activity deemed eligible based on the strategic aims of the particular SI. Read more