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The Scottish Government provides a range of advice on different subjects and in different forms, including :

  • Planning Advice Notes (PAN)
  • Guides
  • Letters from the Chief Planner
  • Design Guidance
  • Specific Advice Documents / Sheets



Document Title


Air Quality Specific Advice

Air Quality and Land Use Planning


Community Engagement


A Guide to the use of Mediation


PAN 47

Community Councils and Planning


PAN 3/2010

Community Engagement

Compulsory Purchase


Compulsory purchase and compensation: A guide for owners, tenants and occupiers in Scotland


Contaminated Land

PAN 33

Development of Contaminated Land (Revised Oct 2000)

Costal Planning PAN 53

Classifying the Coast for Planning Purposes


Design Quality

Design Guidance

Charette Series Report


Design Guidance



Design Guidance

Scotland's Housing Expo 2010


PAN 68

Design Statements


PAN 76

Residential Streets (See Designing Streets)



PAN 77

Designing Safer Places


PAN 78

Inclusive Design


PAN 83



Dev. Management

PAN 40

Development Control (See Circulars 4/2009 & 5/2009)


Dev. Planning

PAN 37

Structure Planning (See Circular 1/2009)



PAN 41

Development Plan Departures



PAN 49

Local Planning


Economic Development


Guide to Development Viability




Guide to Enforcing Planning Controls


PAN 54

Enforcement (See Circular 1/2010)


Environmental Assessment

PAN 1/2013

Environmental Impact Assessment

Annex A: Further Reading


PAN 1/2010

Strategic Environmental Assessment of Development Plans


Specific Advice Document

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Guidance



EIA Regulations 2011: Easy Read Guide


Specific Advice Document

Habitats Regulations Appraisal - Development Plan: Advice sheets


Letter from Chief Planner

Air Quality and noise: Review of EIA Consultation arrangements  

Environmental Protection

PAN 51

Planning, Environmental Protection and Regulation (Revised 2006)



PAN 70

Electronic Planning Service Delivery (2008)


Farming and Forestry


Guide to Farm Diversification & Planning Permission in Scotland


Letter from Chief Planner

Forestry & Woodlands - The Right Tree in the Right Place


PAN 39

Farm and Forestry Buildings



PAN 69

Planning and Building Standards Advice on Flooding

Fly-posting PAN 80

Control and Management of Fly-posting


Golf Courses

PAN 43

Golf Courses and Associated Developments


Historic Environment


Guide to Conservation Areas in Scotland


PAN 2/2011

Planning and Archaeology  

PAN 71

Conservation Area Management



Letter from Chief Planner

Affordable Housing policies


Letter from Chief Planner

Scottish Government's view that restrictions on the occupancy of new housing are rarely appropriate and so should generally be avoided


Letter from Chief Planner

Planning for Travelling Showpeople


Letter from Chief Planner

Providing an Effective Land Supply for Housing


PAN 44

Fitting New Housing Development into the Landscape


PAN 67

Housing Quality


PAN 72

Housing in the Countryside


PAN 2/2010

Affordable Housing and Housing Land Audits

Landscape   See Housing, Natural Heritage & Farming and Forestry  

Local Authority Interest

PAN 82

Local Authority Interest Developments

Local Review Bodies

Letter from Chief Planner

Letter confirming the Scottish Government's view that the 'de novo' approach should be adopted in determining cases brought before Local Review Bodies  


PAN 50

Controlling the Environmental Effects of Surface Mineral Workings


PAN 50 Annex A

Annex A: Control of Noise at Surface Mineral Workings


PAN 50 Annex B

Annex B: Control of Dust at Surface Mineral Workings


PAN 50 Annex C

Annex C: Control of Traffic at Surface Mineral Workings


PAN 50 Annex D

Annex D: Control of Blasting at Surface Mineral Workings


PAN 64

Reclamation of Surface Mineral Workings


Specific Advice Document

Guidance for the Management of Extractive Waste


Specific Advice Sheet

Brick Clay


Specific Advice Sheet

Buidling Paving and Roofing Stone


Specific Advice Sheet

Igneous Rock


Specific Advice Sheet

Silica Sand


Natural Heritage

PAN 60

Planning for Natural Heritage


Letter from Chief Planner

Letter to Heads of Planning on EC Directive 92/43/EEC On the Conservation of Natural Habitats and of Wild Flora and Fauna; The Conservation (Natural Habitats &c) Regulations 1994 and European Protected Species, Development Sites and The Planning System: Interim Guidance for Local Authorities on Licensing Arrangements



PAN 1/2011

Planning and Noise


Open Space

PAN 65

Planning and Open Space


Design Guidance

Green Infrastructure : Design and Placemaking


Planning Application Forms

PAN 48



Planning System


Guide to the Planning System in Scotland


Private Finance Initiative

PAN 55

The Private Finance Initiative and the Planning Process


Renewable Energy

PAN 45

Renewable Energy Technologies



PAN 45 Annex 1

Planning for Micro Renewables: Annex to Renewable Energy Technologies



PAN 45 Annex 2

Planning for Micro Renewables Annex to PAN 45 Renewable Energy Technologies



PAN 84

Carbon Reduction



Online renewables advice

Onshore wind turbines


Online renewables advice

Process for preparing spatial frameworks for wind farms


Online renewables advice

Hydro schemes


Online renewables advice

Woody biomass


Online renewables advice

Landfill gas


Online renewables advice

Energy from waste


Online renewables advice

Anaerobic digestion


Online renewables advice

Deep geothermal


Online renewables advice

Large photovoltaic arrays


Online renewables advice

Energy storage


Online renewables advice


Rural Development

PAN 73

Rural Diversification



PAN 62

Radio Telecommunications


Town Centres and Retailing

PAN 52

Planning and Small Towns


PAN 59

Improving Town Centres




Transport Assessment and Implementation


PAN 66

Best Practice in Handling Planning Applications Affecting Trunk Roads


PAN 75

Planning for Transport



PAN 63

Waste Management Planning


Water & Drainage

PAN 61

Planning and Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems

Being Consolidated


PAN 79

Water and Drainage

Being Consolidated



The Development Plan Process: A guide to considering Water and Waste Water Services