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Cover of Homes Fit for the 21st CenturyThis page contains a range of supporting evidence and analysis that was used to inform thinking and encourage discussion in the housing debate, as well as links to the original discussion documents themselves

Homes Fit for the 21st Century

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Fresh Thinking, New Ideas

Background analytical papers

Understanding the housing aspirations of people in Scotland

We have published a research report exploring the housing aspirations of people in Scotland and how they are formed.

This helps us understand aspirations as a key aspect of housing need in the context of our Housing and Regeneration Outcomes, specifically “Housing that meets people’s needs”.

Researchers spoke to 80 people from diverse backgrounds and geographical areas and found that aspirations are formed through a dynamic mix of factors: personal and household factors (for example, preferences, perceptions, life-stages) and external factors (for example, economic and political conditions, housing availability).

People described their aspirations using a mix of aspects including size, type and location of homes; with location being identified as the most important. A significant minority aspired to rent their homes; both in the social and private rented sectors. But a group, described as the ‘squeezed middle’, were unable to buy and felt insecure in the private rented sector.

The research identified poor and illegal practices in the private renting and cited enforcement of legislation as an issue. People called for more ‘affordable’ housing to be made available in Scotland. But what people mean by affordable varies and can include more than a simply sum of income and outgoings. Finally the  research found people can have very limited knowledge of housing initiatives like mid-market rent.

The report makes six recommendations which the Scottish Government is currently considering.