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Home Report

Houses for sale in Scotland have to be marketed with a Home Report, which a seller or their agent has had to provide, upon request, for all properties marketed for sale. Read more about Home Report.

Build Your Own Home

Mortgage Difficulties?

The Scottish Government publishes information to help people in mortgage difficulties.

House Prices

 Information on where to find up-to-date house prices and the legal process involved in buying a home.

Buying and Selling

What help can I get to buy a home?

The Scottish Government offers several schemes to help you become a homeowner where that is affordable for you. The best scheme for you depends on your own circumstances and you should speak to your lender or an independent financial advisor before you apply to one of the schemes. Some schemes are open to all homeowners; others are only available to first-time buyers.

This table will help you decide which scheme might be able to help you. You'll find more details of each scheme underneath the table.

Scheme I own a home I am a first-time buyer
LIFT Open Market Shared Equity   ✔(to buy a home within certain price thresholds on the open market)
LIFT New Supply Shared Equity Scheme   ✔ (to buy a new-build home from a housing association)
Shared ownership  
Help to Buy (Scotland) Scheme ✔ (if you do own another home, you are expected to sell this before you purchase a home under the scheme)


Low Cost Initiative for First Time Buyers (LIFT)

Two LIFT shared-equity schemes help first-time buyers on low to moderate incomes to own a home.

  • The Open Market Shared Equity Scheme helps first-time buyers to buy a home on the open market.
  • The New Supply Shared Equity Scheme helps first-time buyers to buy a new build home from a housing association.

More details on these schemes


Shared Ownership

Shared Ownership helps people on low to moderate incomes buy a home where it is affordable for them.  Shared ownership helps a person buy a share of a home and pay an occupancy charge on the remainder to a housing association.  Shared Ownership is different from shared equity. Find out the differences.

There are currently no shared ownership properties available.


Help to Buy (Scotland) Affordable New Build and Smaller Developers New Build schemes

The Cabinet Secretary for Social Justice, Communities and Pensioners’ Rights, Mr Neil, launched the Help to Buy (Scotland) Affordable New Build and Help to Buy (Scotland) Smaller Developers schemes on 21 January 2016. 

More information on the new schemes can be found on the Help to Buy page.


UK Government’s Help to Buy Mortgage Guarantee scheme

This UK-wide scheme is a UK Government initiative; the Scottish Government has no role in the scheme’s development or delivery. Visit the UK Government website for more information.