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Research Projects from 2010

Project Details

Competency Criteria for Local Authority Verifiers when checking Fire Engineered Solutions for compliance with Building Standards
Contractor: Meacham Associates
Status: Complete
Project Year: 2016/17

The SG guidance document ‘A Simplified Approach to Alternative Fire Safety Strategies’ identifies 3 levels for assessing the fire strategy of a building.  This research identifies, against each of the levels, the minimum qualifications and competence criteria (training, knowledge, skills and experience) for verifying fire engineered proposals for compliance with building regulations.

Final Report

Research to Support the Improvement of the Design Verification of Fire Engineered Solutions as Part of the Scottish Building Regulatory System
Contractor: Meacham Associates
Status: Complete
Project Year: 2016/17

This research set out the findings from the consultation with stakeholders and made suggested improvement actions on the design verification of fire engineered solutions as part of a Scottish building regulatory system.

Final Report

Research project to update cost-benefit analysis for residential sprinklers in Scotland
Contractor: Optimal Economics Ltd
Status: Complete
Project Year: 2014/15

This research provided a cost-benefit analysis of installing sprinklers in houses, flats, house of multiple occupation and halls of residence.

Final Report

Research Project to Inform the Decision-making Process for Fire Suppression Systems in Schools
Contractor: Optimal Economics
Status: Complete
Project Year: 2012/13

This project developed evidence based criteria to better inform the decision-making process for fire suppression systems in schools.

Final Report

Boundary calculations: Collaborative working with CLG
Contractor: CLG leading project
Status: Complete
Project Year: 2010/11

This project contributed to the Boundary calculations work in relation to fire safety carried out in England and Wales. The project ensured Scottish guidance was relevant, applicable and safe.

This research is available at  http://www.brebookshop.com

Development of a fire strategy for Tall Buildings: Collaborative working
Contractor: Edinburgh University
Status: Completed
Project Year: 2010/11

This project will allow Building Standards Division input to the project and ensure Scottish interests are represented.


Research Projects prior to 2010

Reports for research projects list below can be obtained by emailing buildingstandards@scotland.gsi.gov.uk





Cost benefit analysis of additional residential heat and smoke alarms in Scotland

Project on the provision of smoke/heat alarms in all new dwellings in Scotland.

Building Research Establishment Global


Cost Benefit study of Automatic Fire Suppression in new Healthcare Buildings

Review of fire Standards - study on the cost benefit of Automatic Fire Suppression in new healthcare buildings.

Optimal Economics Ltd


External fire spread: Building separation and cladding This research reviews Standard 2.6 from the Technical Handbooks that support the Building (Scotland) Regulations 2004 and relates to the spacing between buildings. Building Research Establishment Global 2008/09

Cost Benefit Analysis on Residential Sprinklers in Scottish Dwellings

Cost benefit analysis for the installation of a new combined sprinkler system in all new build houses in Scotland.

Building Research Establishment Global


Fire Safety of cladding to low rise timber frame constructions: timber cladding

The project tested construction details to identify robust details for timber cladding applied to timber frame construction.

Building Research Establishment, Scotland


Automatic Fire Detection and Suppression Systems in New School Buildings

Cost benefit analysis of the introduction of automatic fire detection and/or suppression systems in new school buildings.

Tribal Consulting


Comparison of BS 7974 and the International Fire Engineering Guidelines

Comparison of BS 7974: 2001 'Application of Fire Safety Engineering principles to the Design of Buildings' with the 'International Fire Engineering Guidelines'.



International Review of Fire Safety Guidance for Tall Buildings

Comparative study of fire safety measures in tall buildings between the member countries of the Inter-Jurisdictional Regulatory Collaboration Committee (IRCC).



Timber Cladding for Small Buildings: Robust Details - Workshop

Discussion on fire safety and durability of timber cladding for small buildings.

Building Research Establishment, Scotland


Fire Safety and Sustainable Development: External Timber Wall Cladding

Scoping study to inform the review of guidance to Section 2 Fire of the Technical Handbook.

Building Research Establishment


Experimental research for Scottish Building Standards Agency following the fire at Rosepark Care Home

A review of general fire safety guidance in Care Homes

Cost-Benefit Analysis of Residential Sprinklers in Scottish Care Homes for the Elderly


Research to inform policy in relation to fire regulations in care homes (existing premises).


Review of the guidance on the management of care homes.

Re-evaluation of the cost-benefit analysis, to look at sprinklers in all types of residential property types.

Building Research Establishment - Fire Safety Framework