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  1. Research and analysis | 22 Mar 2021

    Scottish Land Fund: evaluation

    Independent evaluation of the Scottish Land Fund, commissioned by the Scottish Government and carried out by Mark Diffley. It reviews the operation of the fund and makes recommendations for the future.

  2. Research and analysis | 26 Feb 2021

    Inclusive participation in rural Scotland: research report

    Preliminary exploration report details the findings of research into barriers to participation facing lesser heard voices in the context of rural Scotland. Specifically, it focuses on the LGBTI community, disabled people, carers and ethnic minorities.

  3. Statistics | 24 Feb 2021

    Rural Scotland Key Facts 2021

    Biennial compendium publication comparing and contrasting statistics on key policy topics such as People and Communities, Services and Lifestyle, Economy and Enterprise broken down by Remote Rural, Accessible Rural and the Rest of Scotland.

    This publication is part of a collection:  Rural Scotland Key Facts

  4. Research and analysis | 20 Jan 2021

    Farm Advisory Service - One to Many: evaluation

    This report provides an evaluation of the One to Many component of the Farm Advisory Service, delivered by SAC Consulting and provided as part of the Scottish Rural Development Programme 2014-2020. It analyses what has been delivered and provides recommendations for the future.