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  1. Research and analysis | 23 Mar 2021

    Planning policy - section 3F: research

    Report commissioned to help develop a Scotland wide Section 3F planning policy, by proposing reasonable levels of CO2 (Carbon dioxide) emissions reduction that can be expected from use of low and zero carbon generating technologies (LZCGTs) in new buildings.

  2. Research and analysis | 11 Feb 2021

    Impact assessment in governments: literature review

    This report reviews literature regarding five types of policy level impact assessments (environment, equity, health, regulatory, rural) in five countries (Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden & Wales). It was commissioned by the Scottish Government to inform their approach to impact assessment.

  3. Research and analysis | 20 Jan 2021

    Farm Advisory Service - One to Many: evaluation

    This report provides an evaluation of the One to Many component of the Farm Advisory Service, delivered by SAC Consulting and provided as part of the Scottish Rural Development Programme 2014-2020. It analyses what has been delivered and provides recommendations for the future.