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  1. Statistics | 17 Jun 2021

    Scottish Natural Capital Accounts: 2021

    This report estimates quantity and value of services supplied by Scottish natural capital for: Agricultural biomass Fish capture Timber Water abstraction Minerals Fossil fuel Renewable energy Carbon sequestration Air pollution removal Noise mitigation Urban cooling Recreation and house price values

  2. Statistics | 17 Jun 2021

    Labour market monthly briefing: June 2021

    Summary of employment, unemployment and economic inactivity sourced from the Labour Force Survey and other labour market statistics from a range of official sources for Scotland and the UK.

    This publication is part of a collection:  Labour market statistics

  3. Statistics | 02 Jun 2021

    Scottish consumer sentiment indicator: 2021 Quarter 1

    The latest results for consumer sentiment in Scotland based on a quarterly survey of households’ current sentiment and future expectations of economic performance, household finances and attitudes to spending.

    This publication is part of a collection:  Economy statistics

  4. Statistics | 26 May 2021

    Scotland's Devolved Employment Services: statistical summary

    This publication presents statistics for Fair Start Scotland (FSS) from April 2018 to March 2021 and experimental statistics on the No One Left Behind strategic approach to employability delivery, reporting on those receiving support from April 2019 to December 2020.

  5. Statistics | 26 May 2021

    Monthly GDP Estimate: March 2021

    Gross Domestic Product (GDP) statistics measure the output of the economy in Scotland. These monthly estimates have been developed to help track the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    This publication is part of a collection:  Economy statistics