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  1. Research and analysis | 15 Jul 2021

    Outdoor recreation - understanding the drivers of participation: research

    This report presents findings from research into participation in outdoor recreation among adults in Scotland. The research explores drivers behind the observed increases in participation, as well variations across population groups, with a view to widening participation.

  2. Research and analysis | 09 Jul 2021

    National Islands Plan Survey: final report

    This report presents the findings from the National Islands Plan Survey. The research explores perceptions of island life in relation to the strategic objectives set out in the National Islands Plan.

  3. Research and analysis | 30 Jun 2021

    Elasticities relevant to tourism in Scotland: evidence review

    An overview of estimates of price elasticities of demand (PED) and income elasticities of demand (YED) for tourists to destinations relevant to Scotland; price elasticities of supply (PES) of commercial accommodation relevant to Scotland and other factors influencing the demand and supply of tourism.

  4. Statistics | 13 Jan 2020

    Tourism statistics

    Information on where to find up-to-date information on tourism statistics in Scotland.