Coronavirus (COVID-19): fertility services - winter 2020/2021 preparation plans

This document sets out the winter preparation plans for fertility services in Scotland.

7 Specific Issues

7.1 Face coverings

Face coverings will be used in clinics as set out in Scottish Government and local Health Board guidance, both by staff, patients and those accompanying patients for support.

If a patient refuses to wear a mask, clinics have the right to refuse to treat them, unless there is a medical reason that they cannot wear a mask. Staff and patients should not be exposed to any unnecessary risk.

7.2 Training

All training will need to continue during the winter months and beyond. How training is delivered will be modified. Wherever possible, electronic modalities will be used, however where hands on training and attendance at clinic is required, it will need to be accommodated within clinic working. This is in line with RCOG as well as BFS guidance.

Everyone attending the clinic will need to adhere to Scottish Government and local Health Board guidance.



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