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UK Pandemic Influenza Communications Strategy 2012

Published: 8 Feb 2013
Part of:
Health and social care

This strategy provides an updated communications framework for the 4 UK administrations' response to an influenza pandemic. It builds on the 2008 pre-pandemic strategy and the lessons learned from the evaluation of communications activity during the H1N1 (2009) Influenza Pandemic. It is a companion document to the UK Influenza Pandemic Preparedness Strategy, published in November 2011.

8 Feb 2013
UK Pandemic Influenza Communications Strategy 2012

This document covers health-related communication in the stages leading up to a UK pandemic, during a pandemic itself, and during the recovery phase, insofar as we can plan this in advance. It therefore provides a high-level strategy as we recognise that some characteristics of the virus will only become known once a pandemic is well underway. This precludes the advance development of some specific messages, for example, exact prioritisation for vaccination. Government policy on access to health and social care in a pandemic has been developed for the majority of the population. This strategy therefore focuses on mainstream communications channels with targeted elements for specific audiences. It recognises a clear lesson learned from the 2009/10 pandemic, that we need to plan flexibly and proportionately for a variety of possible scenarios, from a mild through a moderate to a severe pandemic, and that there may be differences in the response as some parts of the UK may be affected more than others and at different times. In planning and preparing for an influenza pandemic, the objective remains to have a UK-wide cross government approach, with all UK governments and DAs (and their partners and stakeholders) operating within a cooperative framework.


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