Telephony services dynamic purchasing system

Expires 31 August 2022. A short extension has been applied to cover outstanding procurement activity. Please contact Scottish Procurement at the details below before using this DPS or applying to become a supplier.

Guidance for public sector organisations on how to access and use the system.

Who can access: all public sector
Contract status: live
Dates of contract: 27 June 2018 to  31 August 2022
Category: ICT Networks - national


This dynamic purchasing system (DPS) is for the provision of telephony services. it is a multi-lot arrangement providing a full range of services across three lots.

The DPS operates in a similar way to a framework, however, it is an electronic process and suppliers can apply to join the DPS at any time.

Suppliers wishing to join should register with PCS and PCS-Tender and the contract notice will remain open throughout the lifetime of the DPS. Further information can be found in the attached buyer and supplier guides.

Contracts will be awarded via call-offs, issued by Scottish public sector organisations through the DPS, inviting suppliers to tender for in scope services.

What is in scope

Telephony services: 

  • lot 1 – traditional telephony
  • lot 2 – IP telephony
  • lot 3 – enterprise bundled services (includes other telephony services, for example, mobile voice and data services and unified communications as well as the services available through lots 1 and 2)

Note: more than one telephony service will need to be purchased to qualify as a procurement of a bundle.

Who can use this

  • central government
  • health
  • local authorities
  • universities and colleges
  • third sector (voluntary organisations and charities registered in Scotland)
  • other public bodies

Note: It is the responsibility of any buying organisation wishing to use the framework agreement to satisfy itself that it is eligible to do so.

Entitlement can be established from the terms of the OJEU advert and guidance on this can be found in annex A of our guidance on framework agreements.


The benefits of the dynamic purchasing system are:

  • easy access for public sector bodies to a full range of telephony services
  • easy access for suppliers
  • encouraging small and medium-sized enterprise participation

  • encouraging strong competition

  • suppliers can join the DPS at any time, provided they meet the selection criteria
  • streamlined procurement via electronic process
  • access to wide range of suppliers and services
  • all suppliers have third party cyber accreditation or equivalent


A list of supplier details is attached.

Further information

See the attached buyer and supplier guides for more information.

Information about pricing and terms and conditions for frameworks and contracts can be found on the Knowledge Hub.

If you are not registered to access this and are eligible to use the framework please complete the registration form and send it to the Scottish Procurement contact listed below.

See our guide to dynamic purchasing systems.


David Box
Portfolio Manager, ICT Networks
Phone: 07919 014604

Lisa Pittman
Senior Portfolio Specialist, ICT Networks
Phone: 0141 242 5628


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