A TB Action Plan for Scotland

Scottish Government's policy on tuberculosis (TB)

About this document

This document details the recommendations of the TB Action Plan Working Group. These recommendations have been accepted by Government.

Sections 2-6 of this report summarise the issues considered by the Working Group and Subgroups and detail the recommendations that have been made as a result. Annex C summarises all of the recommendations made and also provides details on which organisation(s) will be primarily responsible for delivery in each case and expected timescales for commencement/completion as appropriate.

The TB Action Plan is primarily intended for those involved in the delivery of TB related services in Scotland. Accordingly the content and many of the recommendations of sections 2-6 are technical or relate to NHS structures and practices.

Section 1, the Introduction and Background section, is intended as an introduction to the topic for the lay-person or the non- TB specialist.

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