Taxi and Private Hire Car Licensing: Best Practice for Licensing Authorities, Second Edition, April 2012

Guidance for local licensing auhtorities on the licensing of taxis and private hire cars and their drivers.


Assessing quantity controls of taxi licences

Useful questions relating to the policy of controlling numbers:

  • Have you recently reviewed the need for your policy of quantity controls?
  • What form did the review of your policy of quantity controls take?
  • Who was involved in the review?
  • What decision was reached about retaining or removing quantity controls?
  • Are you satisfied that your policy justifies restricting entry to the trade?
  • Are you satisfied that quantity controls do not:
    • reduce the availability of taxis;
    • increase waiting times for consumers;
    • reduce choice and safety for consumers?
  • What special circumstances justify retention of quantity controls?
  • How does your policy benefit consumers, particularly in remote rural areas?
  • How does your policy benefit the trade?
  • If you have a local accessibility policy, how does this fit with restricting taxi licences?

Useful questions relating to setting the number of taxi licences:

  • When last did you assess unmet demand?
  • How is your taxi limit assessed?
  • Have you considered latent demand, i.e. potential consumers who would use taxis if more were available, but currently do not?
  • Are you satisfied that your limit is set at the correct level?
  • How does the need for adequate taxi ranks affect your policy of quantity controls?

Useful questions relating to consultation and other public transport service provision

  • When consulting, have you included etc
    • all those working in the market;
    • consumer and passenger (including disabled) groups;
    • groups which represent those passengers with special needs;
    • local interest groups, e.g. hospitals or visitor attractions;
    • the police;
    • a wide range of transport stakeholders e.g. rail/bus/coach providers and traffic managers?
  • Do you receive representations about taxi availability?
  • What is the level of service currently available to consumers (including other public transport modes)?


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