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Coronavirus (COVID-19): supporting elective care - clinical prioritisation framework

Published: 16 Nov 2020

The framework provides NHS Scotland with clear guidance for prioritising elective care whilst ensuring appropriate COVID-19 safety and priority measures are in place.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): supporting elective care - clinical prioritisation framework
Long waiting patients

Long waiting patients

In order to reduce the time waiting and to ensure a patient is on the most appropriate pathway ACRT and EQuIP should be applied to patients on existing waiting lists and new referrals.

  • waiting lists should continue to be reviewed regularly to ensure up-to-date clinical categorisation of patients
  • in line with the clinical categorisation set out in section one, patients should be reviewed against the length of wait within that category
  • patients within specialities such as Orthopaedics and Ophthalmology should be reviewed and communicated with frequently
  • the Scottish Access Collaborative will work with established Speciality focused groups to review pathways to support those patients waiting

Where a patient may have waited a long period of time they should be offered a review consultation – to be arranged between the patient and their clinician.


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