Supporting displaced people from Ukraine

Information on visa schemes, travel, healthcare, housing, employment and education for displaced people from Ukraine.


Public protection guidance

The Scottish Government has also published guidance for practitioners involved in the safeguarding of vulnerable children and adults who have been displaced from Ukraine.

Security checks for sponsors

All adults over 16 years in the sponsor household must have an enhanced Disclosure Scotland check, this includes an ID check. This helps to ensure displaced people arriving from Ukraine have welcoming and safe accommodation.

Sponsors will do this together with the Local Authority who is responsible for matching the displaced people as part of initial housing checks.  Disclosure Scotland will process these applications as a priority and there will be no fees. 

Home visits

It is a requirement for all sponsors to agree to a home visit by a local authority official or contractor in order to evaluate the suitability of the accommodation provided.

The visits will ensure the accommodation provided is of an agreed standard. This ensures the property meets the minimum requirements to be suitable for people to live in, and that there are no concerns of overcrowding.

If a property does not meet the criteria necessary, local authorities will determine whether any action could be taken to make the property meet the criteria.

Disclosure certificates

As part of the Scottish Super Sponsor scheme, sponsors will need to undergo a disclosure and property check before they are matched with a person displaced from Ukraine.

The Local Authority will undertake these checks as soon as possible once they have been notified that a person has been individually matched as part of the Homes for Ukraine scheme.

Security checks for displaced people

The Home Office carries out identity and security checks on individuals using any of the visa routes.



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