Nursing and midwifery students - support: 2019 to 2020

Booklet explaining available funding to new students undertaking nursing and midwifery degree programmes in Scotland in 2019-2020.

General Information

Previous assistance from public funds

You can receive a bursary for pre-registration nursingand midwifery courses under the NMSB scheme evenif you have previously received support from public funds for further or higher education. However, if you receive an NMSB scheme bursary and subsequently apply for assistance for further or higher education, you maynot be entitled to further support. You should seek advice from SAAS about what support, if any, might be available.

Study after qualification

The NMSB scheme does not provide support for nurses or midwives who have completed their course and have been entered in the Professional Register to top up their qualification to degree or honours degree level. 

Studying abroad –Erasmus-Socrates in nursing studies

Some students may be allowed by their institution to undertake part (one module) of their course abroad. Where this period abroad is an integral part of the course, contributing to qualification as a nurse or midwife, and is included in the normal three year bursary period (four years for honours degree students), the bursary will continue to be paid for the period abroad. No additional funding will be available and no travel costs will be paid.



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