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Social Security Scotland: digital and technology strategy 2018-2021

Published: 28 Sep 2018

Sets out the approach and direction we are taking to develop the high level architecture and solution design to support the new agency, Social Security Scotland, which is based in Dundee, in delivering Scotland’s first devolved welfare system.

Social Security Scotland: digital and technology strategy 2018-2021
14 Summary

14 Summary

Key drivers

We will focus our immediate efforts, planning, and delivery in support of the safe and secure transfer of the devolved benefits through the programme.

Safe and secure will be at the heart of everything we architect, design and implement, either ourselves or with our delivery partners.

User focus, usability and accessibility will drive the solutions that we introduce or implement.

We will pursue alignment with the Digital First Standard throughout the duration of this strategy and its successor.

Reuse, before Buy, before Build, will be our primary approach to the introduction of technology and solutions.

Our systems

A number of key tenets underpin how the Social Security systems and solutions will be created and implemented.

Our target architecture is designed to for the reuse of services and maximum use of commodity technology. It consists of components that can be updated or replaced over time. Our Cloud first approach for systems that underpin the benefit operations of the agency will support high availability, scalability and a cost effective operating model, which will be driven on the actual processing and storage usage.

Our people

We will create a professional digital environment that enables people to make a difference and feel valued. Recognising the skills challenge, we will invest in up-skilling our staff to deliver the changes, whilst recruiting people with a focus on technical skills. All key solutions and components will be introduced and managed predominantly by our own staff.

Our process

We will adopt the most appropriate process for delivering and supporting our solutions for the agency as it evolves into a fully operational state. Our reference architecture will guide and inform new solutions and the enhancement of existing services. The Business Technical Design Authority governance processes will facilitate decision making and encourage innovation, whilst maintaining oversight and adherence to the core business and legislative drivers.