Social security: benefit take-up strategy

This take-up strategy is the first to be published under the provision of the Social Security (Scotland) Act.

Chapter 5: Next Steps

Evaluation and Continuous Improvement

In the interests of continuous improvement, the new take-up initiatives and activities set out in this document will be evaluated, and learning will inform Social Security Scotland's ongoing approach, as well as development of the next Benefit Take-up Strategy. A range of information will be brought together to provide insight into the effectiveness of the Strategy, including the ongoing evaluations of each benefit – drawing on management data and qualitative research.

The Scottish Government will undertake an evaluation of the effectiveness of this first strategy in preparing the second, and learn from the experience of delivering the actions within it.

Next Steps

This is the first benefit take-up strategy, the second strategy will be published by October 2021, by which time Social Security Scotland will have taken over responsibility for more benefits, applying lessons learned from the experience gained so far.

Social Security Scotland's Local Delivery teams will grow, and these will build on the relationships already being developed by the Local Delivery Relationship Leads based throughout Scotland.

We will set about implementing the new initiatives set out in this strategy, and the stakeholder take-up reference group will play an integral role in that work. This reference group will also be given the opportunity to feed into development of the next strategy, to ensure that our approach continues to draw on the experience of, and best supports, our third sector and local authority partners.

Ultimately, we will continue working to ensure that individuals and families across Scotland are aware of, and able to easily access, the devolved benefits to which they are entitled.



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