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Publication - Minutes

Social Renewal Advisory Board minutes: 3 July 2020

Published: 13 Jul 2020
Date of meeting: 3 Jul 2020
Date of next meeting: 23 Jul 2020

Minutes from the meeting of the group on 3 July 2020.

13 Jul 2020
Social Renewal Advisory Board minutes: 3 July 2020

Attendees and apologies

Chaired by:

  • Aileen Campbell (Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Local Government)
  • Shirley Anne Somerville (Cabinet Secretary for Social Security and Older People)


  • Angela O’Hagan
  • Anna Fowlie
  • Bill Scott
  • Cllr Alison Evison (COSLA)
  • Eileen Cawley
  • Emma Ritch
  • Etienne D’Aboville
  • Fiona Lees (SOLACE)
  • Jim McCormick
  • Jon Sparkes
  • Leigh Sparks
  • Lindsay Graham
  • Lisa Maclean
  • Maureen Sier
  • Neil McInroy
  • Satwat Rehman
  • Sally Thomas
  • Susan McPhee
  • Tressa Burke 


  • Sabir Zazai
  • Louise Macdonald

Items and actions


Aileen Campbell welcomed the Board and thanked them for their work so far.

Wellbeing economy work, report of the Advisory Group on Economic Recovery and Scottish Government approach to economic recovery

The work on economic recovery and moving towards a Wellbeing Economy has clear overlaps to that of the Social Renewal Advisory Board and at the last meeting, Board members expressed they were keen to engage with this work. 

Uzma Khan, Deputy Director of Economy and Alistair McIntosh, Strategic Advisor to the Advisory Group on Economic Recovery attended the meeting to discuss the Wellbeing Economy, the report of the Advisory Group on Economic Recovery and Scottish Government approach to Economic Recovery. 

Uzma Khan began with a presentation that set out Scotland’s approach to a wellbeing economy, the principles and framework, the importance placed on people and places and outlined some specific policies and actions such as Community Wealth Building and the wellbeing economy pilot being started in Clackmannanshire. The Scottish Government approach to economic recovery was then outlined, with Board members invited to comment or ask questions. 

The report from the Advisory Group on Economic Recovery was then discussed. Board members were invited to share their views to help inform the formal Scottish Government response due at the end of July.

Board members discussed the report and made a number of comments including; the need to properly recognise the Third Sector, how fair work is essential and must be considered when we review rates and incentives and how in-work poverty remains a concern and that there are specific barriers for many groups. The Board also discussed the importance of care and the care economy , need to value care provision and recognise that our economy is underpinned by free and low paid care. The group also mentioned how economic and social problems are interlinked and that more detail about participation and community empowerment within the report would have been welcomed. 

Board members were invited to send any further comments by email to the Secretariat team to inform the Scottish Government response. 

Updates on circles and process: discussion

Shirley-Anne Somerville gave an overview of the updated position of the Policy Circles which takes into account feedback from the last board meeting and has been developed in consultation with the circle leads.

The Board members were offered an opportunity to comment on the revised Circles and agreed with the paper. Members were advised of the next steps and that they will receive an invite to their Circle in the following week.

Update on lived experience engagement

Aileen Campbell outlined the programme of engagement with those with lived experience that will run alongside the work of and be central to all aspects of the Board.


Shirley-Anne Somerville closed the meeting, thanking the Board members for their time and input into an interesting and challenging discussion. The next meeting of the Board will take place on 23 July.