Publication - Minutes

Social Renewal Advisory Board meeting: 10 September 2020

Published: 30 Nov 2020
Date of meeting: 10 Sep 2020
Date of next meeting: 7 Oct 2020

Minutes from the meeting of the group on 10 September 2020.

30 Nov 2020
Social Renewal Advisory Board meeting: 10 September 2020

Attendees and apologies

Chaired by:

Shirley Anne Somerville (Cabinet Secretary for Social Security and Older People)


  • Anna Fowlie
  • Angela O’Hagan
  • Bill Scott
  • Cllr Alison Evison
  • Eileen Cawley
  • Etienne D’Aboville
  • Emma Ritch 
  • Elena Whitham
  • Fiona Lees
  • Jon Sparkes
  • Jim McCormick
  • Leigh Sparks
  • Lisa Maclean 
  • Lindsay Graham
  • Louise Macdonald
  • Sabir Zazai
  • Sally Thomas
  • Tressa Burke
  • Maureen Sier
  • Neil McInroy 


  • Aileen Campbell (Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Local Government)
  • Susan McPhee
  • Satwat Rehman

Items and actions


Ms. Somerville opened the meeting, thanked the Board Members for their attendance and passed on apologies from Aileen Campbell. She reflected on the work of the Board to date, specifically the input into Programme for Government which had just been published. She thanked the Board Members for their commitment and the pace at which they worked to ensure that the Board made a significant contribution to the final commitments. 

Ms. Somerville then advised that as the Board moves to the second phase of work, the format of the meetings will change slightly. Each policy circle will have a chance to present a series of provocations on the issues they have been discussing. This will then allow Board Members to discuss and comment bringing in the learning and perspectives from their own work and the work of their respective circles. 

Presentation and Provocation: Housing and Community Led Place Based Renewal (Chaired by Sally Thomas and Neil McInroy)

Members from both the Housing and the Community-Led Place Based Renewal Circles offered presentations based on the discussions that had taken place to date. It was evident that there were overlaps not only between the two circles but also with a number of other Circles. The issues considered included housing affordability, and disparity between different areas and how household income should be considered when drawing together any conclusions on affordability. Similarly, the issues of space if home-working is further used and how different stages of people’s lives require varying housing solutions. Space and accessibility was highlighted as a key for disabled people in both housing and communities, with the Place making standard also considered in terms of how it supports minorities. The need for communities to be thriving and happy was discussed, with access to services and quality of life a key component of this. No Recourse to Public Funds and its effect on homelessness and destitution was also raised. 

The Board was tasked with looking at the big challenges in these areas – considering current structures, what we need to do more off and what we immediate steps could be taken.

The two chairs thanked all of the members for their contributions to the discussion advising that their comments would be considered and reviewed in their final report.


Shirley-Anne Somerville closed the meeting, thanking the Board Members once again for their attendance and contribution to a discussion which was incredibly rich.