Publication - Minutes

Social Renewal Advisory Board meeting: 15 January 2021

Minutes from the meeting of the group on 15 January 2021.

21 Jan 2021
Social Renewal Advisory Board meeting: 15 January 2021

Attendees and apologies

Chaired By:

Jon Sparkes and Sally Thomas – Editorial Sub Group Chairs


  • Aileen Campbell, Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Local Government
  • Shirley-Anne Somerville, Cabinet Secretary for Social Security and Older People
  • Angela O’Hagan
  • Anna Fowlie
  • Bill Scott
  • Cllr Alison Evison
  • Eileen Cawley
  • Emma Ritch
  • Etienne D’Aboville
  • Fiona Lees
  • Jim McCormick
  • Jon Sparkes
  • Leigh Sparks
  • Lindsay Graham
  • Louise Macdonald
  • Maureen Sier
  • Neil McInroy
  • Sabir Zazai
  • Sally Thomas
  • Satwat Rehman
  • Susan McPhee
  • Tressa Burke

Items and actions


Jon Sparkes opened the final meeting of the Social Renewal Advisory Board. He noted that the Board were now in a position to hand over the final report to both the Cabinet Secretaries and COSLA, who were present. 

He thanked all members of the Editorial Sub Group, the main board, members who had supported the equalities work and the Secretariat for their intensive work getting the report to this place. He also thanked Fiona Lees who was working her last day before retiring, for her commitment, time and effort in a particularly challenging period. 

Shirley-Anne Somerville put on record her and Aileen Campbell’s sincere thanks to Jon and Sally for their leadership of the Editorial Sub Group.

Presentation of the report to Cabinet Secretaries and COSLA President

Members of the Editorial Sub Group presented a short summary of each of the four main sections of the report:

  • Money and Work - Satwat Rehman
  • People, Rights and Advancing Equality - Tressa Burke
  • Communities and Collective Endeavour - Fiona Lees
  • Closing the Gap Between Promise and Practice - Jim McCormick

Each section was followed by a brief reflection and comment by each Cabinet Secretary and the COSLA President, Cllr. Alison Evison. 

Next steps and publication

Sally Thomas gave a brief overview of the next steps including publication and communications of the report. Board members are keen to ensure the report lands and continues to gain traction. They have suggested keeping momentum going through follow up blogs or a meeting in a years’ time to reflect on progress. 

Closing remarks

Both Aileen Campbell and Shirley-Anne Somerville thanked every board member who had been involved in the process. They offered particular thanks to Jon and Sally again for steering the Editorial Sub Group.They also thanked all members who were part of the Editorial Sub Group and everyone involved in the work of the circles including those who had undertaken extra equalities work on the report and those who had supported and contributed to the lived experience and public engagement work.

They also thanked Fiona Lees for her invaluable commitment right up until the end of her time in public service. Finally they thanked the secretariat for its work in helping the Board develop its final report. 

Shirley-Anne Somerville outlined the next steps for the Scottish Government which would be an official response to be published prior to the pre election period. Cllr Alison Evison also advised that COSLA would publish its own response. The Cabinet Secretaries once again thanked everyone involved and closed the meeting.