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Sex and Gender in Data Working Group: terms of reference

Published: 8 Oct 2019

Terms of reference for the working group.

8 Oct 2019
Sex and Gender in Data Working Group: terms of reference

Aims of group

To provide a clear statement about the collection and use of data about a person’s sex and gender from the Chief Statistician of Scotland to Scottish Ministers.

To achieve this by delivering

a) a published letter from the Chief Statistician to Ministers about the working group, its actions and conclusions

b) a published statement of principles about collecting and publishing data on sex and gender, aligned to principles about equalities data more broadly

c) Published guidance about

  • standard survey questions on a person’s sex and gender and advice on how to collect this data
  • Data standards for use in collecting administrative data
  • how to report and publish disaggregated data and statistics about a person’s sex and gender

d) Initial analysis and, where relevant, suggestions for further work on potential gaps within existing data collection sources about individuals experiences, based on sex or gender.

Scope of the work

This project is focussed on:

  • data collected about people by Scottish public bodies. This includes administrative and survey data, including the population census. This will exclude examining current practice on data collected by private and 3rd sector organisations in Scotland. However, may provide useful guidance for those organisations
  • it covers the definition of people’s gender and sex
  • it will inform and be informed by consideration of these issues by colleagues elsewhere in the UK Government Statistical Service

Working group meetings and ways of working

  • meetings are scheduled monthly from September 2019 to April 2020
  • all papers and minutes of the working group will be published on the Scottish Government website
  • there is not a minimum level of attendance needed for meetings to go ahead; members can send a representative in their absence
  • people are attending to bring their own expertise and knowledge and not representing the particular interests of their organisation or groups of organisations
  • the working group can commission tasks from its members or potentially short task/finish groups to bring together the deliverables needed
  • the working group will consider a highlight report and consider risks at each meeting

Group membership

  • Roger Halliday, Chief Statistician and Data Officer, Scottish Government (Chair)
  • Poppy Wilson, Office of the Chief Statistician, Scottish Government (secretariat)
  • Jon Hunter, Equality Statistics, Scottish Government
  • Sean Stronach, Equality Unit, Scottish Government
  • Simon Stockwell, Family Law Unit, Scottish Government
  • Anneli Lyon, National Records of Scotland: Census
  • Elaine Strange, NHS Information Services Division
  • Mark Hollinsworth, Police Scotland
  • Dr Matt Maycock, Scottish Prison Service
  • Simon Cameron, COSLA
  • Sarah Munro, Equality and Human Rights Commission
  • Eliza Swinn, Office for National Statistics
  • Melissa Randall, Office for National Statistics