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Self-directed Support, Scotland, 2014-15

Published: 5 Jul 2016

This ‘Data under Development’ Statistics Release presents the latest client and expenditure figures for Self-directed Support (SDS) in its first year of implementation (2014-15). SDS was introduced in Scotland on 1st April 2014 following the Social Care (

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Self-directed Support, Scotland, 2014-15
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ISBN 978 1 78652 347 1 (Web publication only)
DPPAS 74967

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A Official Statistics Publication for Scotland

Executive Summary

Key findings
Client Analysis

1. Introduction

2. Implementation of Self-directed Support

2.1 Implementation Rate
2.2 SDS Options Recording

3. Client Analysis

3.1 Client Group, Assessed Needs and Support Mechanism
3.2 Age Breakdown by Local Authority
3.3 Age and SDS Option Breakdown
3.4 SDS Option Breakdown by Local Authority
3.5 Gender Breakdown

4. Expenditure

4.1 Expenditure Recording
4.2 Expenditure Breakdown

Data under Development