Coronavirus (COVID-19) self-directed support: guidance - 11 March 2022

Version 4 of guidance on self-directed support during the coronavirus pandemic published on 11 March 2022.

4. People at highest risk from COVID-19 (previously referred to as shielding)

People at highest risk from Coronavirus (COVID-19) (formerly known as those on the shielding list) are a specific group of people at very high risk of severe illness from the virus. People in this group originally received a letter formally advising them of their status.

The whole of Scotland moved to "beyond Level 0" on the 9th August 2021. At "beyond Level 0", people at highest risk were asked to follow the same advice as the rest of the population.

Information on what beyond Level 0 rules mean for people in the highest risk group can be found at Scotland to move beyond level 0. Those at highest clinical risk must continue to be cautious to help keep themselves safe.

Further advice for those in the highest risk groups can be found Latest Scottish Government advice to people on the Highest Risk List, which includes information on The Distance Aware scheme is designed to help those worried about mixing with others as we adapt to living with COVID-19. This scheme provides lanyards and badges indicating that those wearing them require space to feel safe.



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