Seafood Producers Resilience Fund

Support for eligible shellfish catchers and producers, in addition to trout farmers who have faced issues exporting to the EU and have lost access to domestic food markets as a result of COVID-19.

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Applications are invited from eligible businesses for the Seafood Producers Resilience Fund. Please note that the Privacy Notice has been updated as of 26 March.

The Seafood Producers Resilience Fund will provide support to eligible shellfish catchers and eligible shellfish and trout aquaculture undertakings. These businesses have lost access to domestic and international food markets as a result of COVID-19, and the difficult trading conditions that have resulted from the end of the transition period following the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.

The scheme was announced by Rural Economy Secretary Fergus Ewing on 3 February. 

This new funding worth £6.45m will benefit:

  • around 1000 vessels landing shellfish such as crab, lobster, scallops, langoustines and squid
  • around 75 aquaculture businesses that produce shellfish or trout for table markets.

The scheme will provide vital cash to vulnerable fishers and producers as quickly as possible in order to contribute to our objectives to:

  • support the seafood producing sector
  • ensure that viable businesses are not lost in the short term whilst we seek resolution to the current issues, and await improvements to the public health situation
  • keep jobs in remote coastal communities

This funding does not prevent vessels from fishing, or businesses from operating.

Businesses that consider they meet the eligibility criteria are invited to submit an application. Please read the application form carefully before submitting. There are separate forms for aquaculture businesses and for fishing vessels.  You must complete the correct form for your business.

If your business owns both vessels and aquaculture undertakings you will have to complete two applications (combined payments will be capped at £45,600). Eligibility, payment rates and other details are different for the two kinds of business, and total payments under the scheme are capped at £45,600 for the catching sector and £40,500 for the aquaculture sector. Full details of the funding available, including eligibility criteria, are contained within the relevant application forms.

Once your completed application has been reviewed and deemed eligible, a grant award letter will be sent to you, confirming the grant amount you are eligible to receive. The grant award letter must be signed and returned to Marine Scotland, after which payments will be made as soon as possible.

How to apply

The scheme has been extended until 23.59 on 7 March for fishing vessels, if you have applied you will get a response in 15 days. Please note that no new applications will be accepted after 7 March.

To claim in respect of a fishing vessel please complete the application below on or before 7 March, and send to

Eligibility will be assessed against data already held by Marine Scotland.

An example of a completed form can be seen below to help you with your application.

To claim in respect of an aquaculture undertaking please complete the application below each month as set out in the application form and send to by 23 April 2021.

If applying you should confirm that you hold the relevant signing authority and that you have the relevant authority to nominate the bank account provided for payment of the grant.

If claiming in respect of both an aquaculture undertaking and a fishing vessel please complete both forms, there is a space on each form to identify whether you will also be claiming in respect of the other kind of business.

Please do not apply if you do not meet the eligibility criteria. If you are uncertain about whether you are eligible  or require any guidance please contact the email addresses above.

Applications will be considered as soon as possible once they are received, and you may be asked to provide further information to support your application. Payments will be made to the nominated bank account within 28 days of a correctly completed form being received and the claim accepted as eligible.


If you wish to appeal the decision on your application on whether to award a grant or to the sum of that grant, you can do so by contacting: for vessels or for aquaculture businesses

 You must submit your appeal within 14 days of receiving your application decision. Your appeal will be considered by a different official than your original application. Special circumstances or disagreement with any aspect of the Fund’s eligibility criteria will not be grounds for appeal.

Eligibility and grant levels for shellfish vessels

The Seafood Producers Resilience Fund  will support Scottish registered static gear vessels, scallop vessels and nephrops trawlers of any length. Vessels must have had annual UK landings exceeding £20,000 in any one year of 2017, 2018, 2019 or 2020 and at least 50% of declared overall catch value landed anywhere in that year must be shellfish. Vessels must also have declared landings of shellfish into the UK in 2020.   Only vessels that meet these criteria are eligible for support from the Fund. Due to the nature of this situation, the eligibility criteria could change at short notice.

This specific support will be provided through grants paid by electronic transfer. The grant amount is calculated based on the average fixed costs for three months for a vessel of a given size and operating in a given fleet segment. The average fixed costs have been calculated based on Seafish Fleet Economic Statistics for 2016, 2017 and 2018, rounded to the nearest £100, and include insurance, hire and maintenance, other vessel expenses, interest, some other financial costs and harbour duties.  Grants are subject to a cap of £45,600 per undertaking and a maximum of £22,800 per vessel.  

The following table sets out the grant amount to be paid per eligible vessel operating in a given sector, subject to the above caps:

 Vessel length

Scallop dredgers

Nephrops Trawls

Creel and static gear









8-<10 m




10-<12 m




12-<15 m




15-<18 m








 Vessel length refers to overall length and vessels are allocated to segments based on the gear most frequently declared in 2020. 

Eligibility and grant levels for Aquaculture undertakings

The Seafood Producers Resilience Fund  will support shellfish and trout aquaculture businesses that have lost all or part of their relevant market due to the COVID-19 pandemic and EU Exit. This support will be provided through three monthly grant payments in respect of January, February and March 2021. A grant application must be completed in respect of each month in respect of which a grant is sought.

Grants made under the scheme will subject to a cap of £40,500 per undertaking or £45,600 per undertaking where the undertaking also owns vessels in the catching sector eligible for support under the Fund.  

To apply for a grant under the Seafood Producers Resilience Fund, applicants in the aquaculture sector are required to demonstrate that they have an active and authorised aquaculture production business producing shellfish or trout for the table market. Further detail is included in the application form.

Other support

Businesses should familiarise themselves with the other forms of support available to them, and consider the most appropriate source of support. Some exporters may be able to claim under the recently announced UK Government scheme, details of which are still forthcoming. Businesses will also be able to contact their local authority to identify other forms of support. As this area is fast moving it is possible that new streams of funding may be introduced by Scottish or UK Government to achieve the same outcomes as this scheme. In that case to allow us to ensure best use of public funds we may ask you to repay some of all of this grant.

Individuals in the industry, and their families, facing hardship as a result of EU Exit, COVID-19 or other issues in the sector should consider contacting the Fishermen’s mission for support.

Application form for aquaculture businesses

Application form for vessels

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